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Senior Expert at Control Directorate

Published by: Republic of Bulgaria,
at date: 1 January 2020,
Location: Sofia,
Domain: Public administration,
Starting monthly salary: 610 BGN / ~ 305 € /,
at web address:

Requirements: Minimum requirements laid down in the regulations for the occupation of the post:               - Job title: Expert Level 5;
              - Minimum Bachelor's Degree;
              - Minimum rank - IV junior;
              - Minimum professional experience - 2 years.
Additional requirements for the post:               - Higher education area - Economics, Finance;
              - a good knowledge of the legislation applicable to the performance of the post;
              - computer skills, incl. working with MS OFFICE;
- driving document / driving license category B /.
Method of the competition:
- test resolution;
- conducting an interview
Required documents for participation in the competitive procedure:
 - application for participation in the competition - Annex No. 2 to Art. 17, para 1 of para NPKDSl;
 - declaration under art. 17, para. 2, item 1 of the NPKDSl;
 - copies of documents certifying the length of the professional experience and / or rank gained as a civil servant (if any);
 - copies of educational qualification documents, additional qualifications and competencies required for the position;
  - other documents related to the job requirements.Short description of the post: Performs post-privatization control, ascertains and reports the fulfillment / non-performance of the obligations under the privatization contracts. Accepts payments under privatization contracts, including those concluded under the repealed Law on Transformation and Privatization of State and Municipal Enterprises. Charges penalties, develops concepts and opinions on the implementation of the normative acts in connection with the fulfillment of obligations under the privatization contracts. Exercises control over the implementation of certain concession contracts in accordance with the Law on Concessions. Prepares reports on the control over the concession contracts and submits them to the Executive Board for review and approval
The amount of the basic salary for the position is: in the range from
610 BGN / ~ 305 € / to 2050 BGN / ~ 1025 € /.
Upon appointment, the individual amount of the basic salary will be determined by the appointing authority according to Art. 67, para. 4 of the Law on Employees and the Ordinance on the salaries of the employees in the state administration, depending on the qualification and professional experience.

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